Demonstration of Learning

At the beginning of this course, assessment and evaluation were foreign to me. As the course progressed my philosophy of assessment and evaluation changed tremendously. For instance, at the beginning I had no idea where to begin. The only terms related to assessment and evaluation that I knew were formative and summative. My philosophy now […]

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Blog Post #5

I found going over the case studies as a class was interesting and beneficial. It was nice to see how others would handle each situation. The questions that Tracy posed for deeper understanding were also helpful. For example, “what would have been done once Rebecca didn’t hand something in?” Personally, I think that there should […]

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Blog Post #4

I found the presentations on the unit plans to be very useful. Many of the unit plans that were presented I have not seen before. Watching the Physical Education unit plan presentations were the ones I found most interesting. I liked the idea that the Physical Education curriculum is trying to move away from sports. […]

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Week #3 Blog Post

First off, I would like to thank Cori Antonini on his presentation about rubrics. A fear of mine, as a pre-service teacher, is that I will not know how to assess students, what to assess them on, and when to assess them. After Antonini’s presentation I feel a lot better about creating rubrics. The program […]

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Week #2 Blog Post

What is assessment vs evaluation? Understanding the difference between assessment and evaluation is important when assessing and evaluating students. Assessment should be done throughout the learning process giving students the opportunity to better themselves. Evaluation should be done after the learning process to see if the students have met the outcome provided (Chapter 1). Throughout […]

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